Target Industries

Diversified Approach to Development

Although Dickson County has experienced exceptional growth over the last decade, the Economic Development Alliance and community leaders are constantly working to expand existing industries or attract entirely new businesses to the area. Establishing a business in Dickson County, Tennessee allows for immediate access to a workforce skilled in a variety of labor platforms. With numerous developed and undeveloped real estate options, incoming or expanding corporations can capitalize on existing industrial and commercial sites or find prime properties to start fresh and build to specification.

Economic Development Alliance maintains a diversified approach to marketplace development, considering a variety of factors across the modern business landscape. While some of the target industries, such as Advanced and Automotive Manufacturing or Food and Beverage Production, have a long history in Dickson County, the EDA believes there is room for other businesses within the same general market to flourish. Dickson County is fertile ground for emerging industries such as Back Office Enterprises or Medical Equipment Production. With rapid expansion in these industries both regionally and nationally, Dickson County is poised to successfully back initiatives to develop call centers or data centers and medical equipment production facilities.

Dickson County prides itself on breaking through the red tape that plagues business development in many parts of the country. Local incentives are determined on a case-by-case basis, with job creation, capital investment and wages as the main factors for consideration. Through a 7-year pilot agreement, the County and EDA can issue abatements on real and personal property with no additional approval necessary. State and Federal incentives can also apply to new or expanding businesses, making it even more enticing to invest in Dickson County!

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Dickson County’s manufacturing roots go back more than 200 years to the times of the legendary Cumberland Furnace Ironworks. With 30+ manufacturing locations, the community has and will continue to support the manufacturing industry through its industrious and dedicated workforce.

  • Automotive Manufacturing

    As one of the strongest and most stable industries in Dickson County, two major employers recently reinvested in the area. In 2018, Metrican stamping committed $20 million and 100 new jobs as part of its second expansion since 2005. In the same year, Truform Manufacturing, an automotive and appliance manufacturer, pledged $14 million and 90 new jobs.

  • Back Office Enterprises

    With more than 14,000 white collar workers commuting east to metro Nashville daily, Dickson County is poised for local growth in this sector. Keeping white collar workers within the county is a top priority as the EDA looks to develop call centers, data centers, and other office-related businesses.

  • Food & Beverage Production

    Top sector employers like Monogram Foods and Crown Bakeries have established Dickson County as a location for nationally affiliated food production and distribution. Access to an existing distribution network as well as local qualified workers make Dickson County a prime location for growth in this industry.

  • Medical Equipment Production

    Employment in the medical field has grown by 30% in Dickson County since 2013 – the largest job growth of any industry. With assistance from the EDA and connections to the existing medical and educational hub of Nashville, Medical Equipment Production could quickly become a viable industry in Dickson County.